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Stamp duty is a form of tax levied on any transaction by which individuals create or erase a right or liability. The deed of sale, the deed of donation, the act of division, the act of promotion, the power of attorney and the deed of tenancy are some of the documents on which stamp duty must be paid. As far as real estate is concerned, stamp duty is an essential part of the cost of real estate registration. This application must contain details such as the name of the developer and the project, the RERA registration number and details, the number of units sold and not sold, and other important details. My owner says he can`t agree, since the project received the graduation certificate more than a year ago… Is it there? I bought an apartment from a seller (assignment contract) who has not yet registered the property. The seller bought it for 70 lakes from the owner, but I bought it at 80 lakes from the seller. The challenge agreement has been certified notarized. Based on the reference value, the basic tax is 74 lakes. Well, if I go for registration, do I have to pay all the basic taxes 70 lakes, 74 lakes or 80 lakes? Documents requiring registration must be submitted for registration within four months of their execution, as well as the necessary fee. A deed sale is the central legal document that serves as evidence of the sale and transfer of ownership from seller to buyer. A deed of sale must be registered.

It is important to execute the sales contract before the sale contract is executed and to verify compliance with various terms and conditions, as agreed between the buyer and the seller. Before executing the sale of deed, the buyer should check if the property has a clear title. It should also confirm whether the dwelling is subject to the burden obligation. I was paid 6% stamp and 1% registration fee at the time of the sales contract, but my purchase agreement has not yet been reached, the government will return my excess salary because now has reduced stamp duty, and what are Advocate for Sale Tat`s fees? visit this link – apartment sales contract or agreement is a document that contains conditions for the sale of a property. It contains details of the symbolic amount and the terms and conditions for the amount at which the dwelling for sale will be sold, the time allotted to both parties to complete the sale and the buyers promise to make the full payment within a specified time frame. The property documents to be registered must be submitted to the body of the Deputy Chancellor of Insurance, which is responsible for the property that is the subject of the transfer. The seller`s and the buyer`s agents must be present with two witnesses for the registration of the documents. The circular makes it clear that the government intends to license as many developers as possible, so that the registration process can begin through the developers themselves. Hello Sir, We buy properties in Pradhikaran estate.