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I have the same problem right now!! I had my daughters` ears pierced a few weeks ago, and I talked to one of the employees about my anxiety when they fall, etc. She then made it clear that they are stuck back, so they shouldn`t be able to just fall, but we have our “protection plan” I think that`s what she called and that cover lost earrings, back, etc., she also said when they fall and don`t go back because they`re not yet healed they`ll go through again without extra load once they`re healed and ok to be done again. I was like really, although I can`t find the earrings because they disappear sometimes, she said yes, as long as you show your receipt you bought the plan for the extra $8.99, I could add, so yes, it will be covered. Rewind a few, the day we finished them and brought them home and changed his shirt on the jammies (which I was gently taking off because of the redistricted ears) the holder flew straight and it wasn`t a biggie earring yet in, found the back of course. Fast forward until today, she woke up, and we noticed that an earring was missing, found that party, earring went back in just in time, we can not find the support, so I thought we were just going as I thought we could, but I would like my brochure and the receipt that I did not have my brochure she shouted me with me right now to confirm her yada yada covered before I left. Nope, but they are only $4.99, is what the employee said on the phone (which I doubt for a golden castle support), we have not left yet because I tried to find the terms online and, of course, I can not find anything for the “protection plan” she called, just to find conditions for the ESA , which also says nothing about repiercing, once healed… So I decided to do some research and I found your article, and it seems that we are not alone. Yes, $4.99 is not much, if that`s really what it is, but that`s when I bought the plan for a reason and at that point I`m going to fight it, because it`s clearly not the first time. The following services are available at your local store or kiosk. Finding the nearest piercing pagoda you`ll find: As part of the deal, New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer said in a statement that the Bethlehem, pa.-based on the piercing pagoda (a division of Zale who bought it in September 2000): Susan Lanigan, senior VP and General Counsel for Zale Corp., described the conversations between Zale and Robert Vawter , the Attorney General of Consumers From a friendly point of view. She said the agreement was reached in August, although the prosecutor`s office did not release the statement that announced the agreement until November 14. “We entered into the agreement on a voluntary basis,” Lanigan said.

We can only cancel this plan in the event of non-payment, fraud or substantial misrepresentation on your part. In this case, you will receive a cancellation notice at least thirty (30) days before the cancellation. This notification indicates the reason and entry into force of the cancellation. If we cancel this plan, you will receive a refund of the purchase price of this plan (for cancellation purposes, based on a 5-year term), less the value of all services you received under this plan.