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In other cases, the initial terms of the lease may include a rent adjustment mechanism when certain events occur. If this is the case, the rental concession is often a variable rental payment. Businesses generally take variable rents into account as revenues or expenses during the period in which they are generated. Back upThe Russian legislator uses a separate term for the rental of residential real estate. In Russia, a house rental contract is called the Nayma contract. The right of pre-emption may be limited or totally excluded in the rental agreement. In many leases, there are provisions regarding the termination of leases by a party, either by the tenant or by the lessor, and it is precisely these provisions that can be applied in depth to the way you charge for leases. Dear Silvia thank you once again for this beautiful explanation! Please indicate whether a company usually leases ships for less than 12 months, but it also has several ships with leases of more than 12 months, as it should recognize: separately, as short and long durations (ROU) or all leases with ROU? Good morning, Silvia. Thank you.

Your work has helped me a lot to understand IFRS. In the question above, you have considered a termination clause under which a lease agreement is considered a short-term contract and accordingly taken into consideration, but if the same contract also has an option with the taker to extend the term of the tenancy for an additional 5/10 years, and it is fairly safe to make use of this option, whether the latter is again considered a long-term lease? Thank you in advance. I admire your work It is important that you recognize that the duration of the contract does not necessarily take place at the same time as the duration of the lease. Often the contract begins at the time it is signed and the lease itself does not begin until the facts are signed. However, this rent extends over the rental period from October 1, 2009 to September 30, 2010, which means that $2,500 (the last six-month rent) was paid in advance at the end of 2010. Postpending accounting: Amortization advice: Amortization for the year ended March 31, 2010 is a simple annual expense, but you must also take into account depreciation and amortization for the first six months of the lease due to the year ended March 31, 2009, which is required to find the final value on the balance sheet. Let`s get back to the question: do we have the short-term lease here? Or not? Back upIn what is true that the agent signs the lease in his own name, he must act in the best interests of the owner. We`re a school.

All the houses/apartments we rent are for a period of one year with no option to purchase. Does IFRS 16 apply to our leases? Rent/interest If you are looking at a lease, it should be relatively easy to see that the financing costs are related in the transaction. For example, a business could purchase a four-year economic asset for $10,000, or rent for four years and pay $3,000 a year in rent. If the leasing option is chosen, the company will have paid a total of $12,000 over four years for the use of the asset (3,000 PA x 4 years) – that is, the financing commission in this example is $2,000 (the difference between the total cost of the lease ($12,000) and the purchase price of the asset ($10,000). If a company pays rent, it actually makes a capital repayment (i.e. against the lease obligation) and an interest payment. The effects of these effects must be included in the financial statements in the form of financing costs in the profit and loss account and a reduction in the stock of liabilities on the balance sheet. In fact, there are many ways to do this, but the F7 reviewer has stated that he will only check the actuarial method.