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It is crucial that the terms of termination of the agency contract are part of the contract, as the parties often fail to terminate an agreement. Without clear and well-formulated termination provisions, this can lead to commercial disputes, so it`s worth making sure your agency contract covers all the main points of the termination clause. Protect yourself if you hire an agent to sell your products or if you are appointed as a sales representative with this distribution agency agreement. Use this Agreement to appoint an agent on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis. This simple agency contract contains everything necessary to protect a principal with the product for sale as well as the designated agent and to ensure that both comply with the law. It includes the basis of the appointment, the geographical areas or territory, the obligations of the client and the agent, the minimum turnover targets, the commission and how the agency contract can be terminated. Yes, in this agreement you can set minimum sales targets. A merchant resells the goods or services of the principal owner of the business. The purchase contract is concluded between the end customer and the dealer and does not include the customer who manufactured the products or created the service. The dealer owns the goods before they are passed on to the end customer. Indeed, a merchant buys the goods from the customer, unlike an agency contract. If the contract is not subject to the provisions, the termination will be governed by the contractual relationship as specified in the agency contract.

Any termination clause must take into account the provisions if they are applicable. It is important that your distribution contract includes conditions to meet the needs of your business, including: Not all agency contracts are affected by the 1993 regulations. In order for them to apply for a commercial agency contract in the United Kingdom, the commercial agent must: 1. Anti-competitive agreements that distort, restrict or prevent competition, e.B. by: Termination clauses are also affected by the fact that the contract is subject to the Commercial Agents Regulations 1993. If this is the case, the termination rights and consequences may be dictated by these regulations. A distribution agreement is an agreement between a principal and a distributor that allows the distributor to sell the principal`s products in a market or territory, usually a market in which the principal is not present. .