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“For the man who does not love his wife, but who separates from her,” said the Lord, the God of Israel, covers his robe with strength, says the Lord of the armies. So keep your mind in mind and don`t be incredulous. What is a prenup? Prenup is the abbreviation for a conjugal agreement. It is a mutually agreed contract between couples prior to marriage. The contract defines what happens to the couple`s property (money and property) when they divorce. Who`s going to get the house? Who`s going to get the car? How is the money distributed? All of these questions will be answered in the Prenup. Nothing should be out of bounds, even feelings. This is more important than any solution, how you decide to solve this problem and respond to what has been discovered. Part of this also means that you have gently healed all the relationship wounds that your fiance might try to repair instead of curing. A prenup can be a way to pretend you don`t have to deal with these injured places. When a man and a woman get married, they become meat. Yes, it is about the body — but it also contains emotions, food, shelter, economy, property, and all the other things people need to survive in this world. To be a flesh is to have all this in common.

As Christians, we should not be so upset when half of our property is lost because of marriage, if we take seriously what our Savior has learned against prioritizing the acquisition of material wealth. Will we be put on earth to serve Mammon (money, wealth) in God`s place and accumulate treasures on earth (Matthew 6:19 – 33)? It`s a hard thing to say, but it`s worth serious thinking, even if a man or a woman can be very rich. We must be prepared to let go of what we have if we have to. I never thought about it when I got married, because I think that when my partner and I get married, we`ll be one. Still, it would still be what the couple would want for their wedding, so no matter what their boat swims, I think it would be nice. 😉 Thanks for sharing But then your spouse introduces a new word into the popular language of your relationship, Prenup. And the world suddenly stops. Is that good? Is that wrong? You`re not sure what you need to think. All you know is that you are filled with questions and, for some reason, a sense of injury.