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1.14 Limiting the use of services/website. You can only use the services to receive the payment. You cannot use the Services for other purposes and will ensure that you will not use the Services for other purposes, including, but not limited to, payment for illegal activities, goods or services. You agree to comply with our policies and all other restrictions regarding the use of our affiliated companies to websites and services as they are updated from time to time by us or our related companies, including, but not only: (i) our data security requirements; and (ii) all operating rules and/or card allocation or network policies used for payment processing (as such may be updated from time to time). Notwithstanding other conditions of this Agreement, we and our affiliates have the right (a) to modify, suspend or remove all or part of the Services or Websites and (b) restrict access to parties or all services or websites without notice and without liability if we or our affiliates, at our sole discretion, define the need to protect the integrity of these websites and our activities, in order to avoid causing harm to others. We may refuse payment processing, including fraud prevention measures, existing legislation or our directives. Without limitation of the above, you cannot act as a payment intermediary, aggregator or service office or resell the service in any other way on behalf of third parties, including, but not exclusively, for processing, processing or transferring funds for third parties. 3.4.8 Converting an offer from a subscription list to a pay-per list is only possible at the end of the subscription period for each subscription entry. The conversion of Pay-per-Booking Listing to Subscription Listing can be processed at any time under the payment of the current subscription list fee, however, all pay-per-Booking bookings already made are subject to pay-per-Booking payment fees. 3.4.6 Listings may be posted on other websites within the HomeAway Group and on the websites of companies with which HomeAway has been able to sign distribution agreements, as long as these websites allow for online payment. HomeAway does not, however, guarantee a publication that is different from the website where the partner originally registered its list and as part of HomeAway`s right to publish or not to publish an offer. Following the Yapstone phase, HomeAway stated that it will “accelerate the introduction of this feature to legitimate partners as quickly as possible.” They also say, “Currently, the early payment program will be offered at no additional cost,” which means that they at least maintain the idea of charging additional fees for these “early payouts” in the future similar to Yapstone Inc. The conclusion is that Yapstone Inc and HomeAway – VRBO are fighting for more money from apartment owners.

HomeAway by taking over the processing of payments and Yapstone Inc by changing their terms and maintaining payments until the registration date, as well as opt-in for the additional 3% advance pay option. 2.2 The website offers users a place to interact with each other. Lease agreements are only between the traveller and the partner. HomeAway is not and will not be a party to a contractual relationship between the traveller and the partner and, in its web hosting status, it is not required to arbitrate between the traveller and the partner in the event of a dispute between them. You acknowledge and accept that the traveller and the partner are responsible for the performance of the obligations arising from such agreements, that HomeAway is not a party to such agreements, and that HomeAway, with the exception of HomeAway Payments` obligations under the accommodation agreement, excludes liability arising from or related to such agreements.