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All questions relevant to a specific service (regarding the customer) can be covered. Applies to all customers who order the same service, for example. B ordering IT support services to all those who use a specific IP phone operator. Note that THE OLAs and UCs follow the same structure, except that these agreements do not have underlying agreements. This ALS is a contract that includes the same type of service for all customers. Because the service is limited to an immutable standard, it is simpler and more convenient for suppliers. For example, using a service contract on an IT support service would mean that the same service applies to all end-users who sign service-based ALS. Service elements include the specifics of the services provided (and what is excluded if in doubt), the conditions of availability of services, standards as well as slots for each level. B service (e.g., prime time and non-prime time) may have different levels of service, responsibilities of each party, escalating procedures and compromise costs/services. In addition to defining the services to be provided, the contract should also document how services should be controlled, including how data is collected and reported, how often it is verified, and who is involved in the audit. There are many ways to structure your SLAs in service level management. To do this, there are a number of important factors to consider: when sending a PSR, the client should include the expected levels of service as part of the requirement; This has an impact on suppliers` offers and prices and may even influence the supplier`s decision to respond. If you need z.B.

99.999 percent availability for a system and the provider cannot meet this requirement with the indicated design, it can offer another, more robust solution. Service level agreements contain measures to measure the service provider`s performance. It can be difficult to choose fair measures for both parties.