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Article 49 of the “listing agreement” deals with comprehensive guidelines on corporate governance. The following are the provisions that a company must comply with in order to implement effective corporate governance. (c) ensure that the electronic submission of cfdS information takes place within the time limit set out in the listing clause, in accordance with a clause in the listing agreement. As such, the listing agreement is of great importance and is implemented under the common seal of a company. Under the listing agreement, the company is required to make certain disclosures and perform certain acts, failing which the company may face disciplinary measures, including suspension/discount of securities. A company undertakes, inter alia, to provide bodies for the transfer, registration, subdivision and consolidation of securities without delay; to properly announce the closing of the accounts and the dates of transmission, to transmit to the Stock Exchange copies of annual reports, balance sheets and profit and loss accounts, to submit quarterly models of participation and financial results; of the Stock Exchange to immediately attend events likely to significantly influence the financial performance of the company and the price of its shares, to comply with the conditions of corporate governance, etc. By listing, we mean the admission of securities to trading on a recognized stock exchange. There are separate listing divisions that permit the listing of corporate securities in accordance with the provisions of the Securities Contracts (Regulation) Act, 1956, the Securities Contracts (Regulation) Rules, 1957, the Companies Act, 1956, the directives issued by SEBI and the rules, articles of association and rules of the Stock Exchange. Companies entering into this agreement with the Exchange must make certain disclosures and perform certain acts. The listing services monitor their compliance with the agreement. Despite all the mandatory and non-mandatory requirements of Article 49, India has still not been able to project itself the highest standards of corporate governance. .

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