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Remember that our rental agreements should not be used as weapons. You are a landlord protection tool to protect yourself and your property from unscrupulous tenants and difficult situations. Although the LPA Apartment Lease is a very powerful tool, it is even more powerful if you use it effectively. Do you own a furnished rental property? Take advantage of Lodgis` experience as a specialist in furnished rentals and rental management. from 3.9% TTC! 21. The lessee authorizes the lessor or his auxiliaries to show the premises at reasonable times to persons wishing to rent or buy, ___ days before the expiry of the rental contract, and allows the notification “for rent” or “for sale” to be affixed to the premises and to remain after that date without hindrance or harassment. Do you own a furnished property that you want to rent? Ask yourself what type of lease you should ask your tenant to sign? For furnished rentals, there are different types of contracts, depending on the duration and purpose of your tenant`s stay. Lodgis has the answers. Non-payment does not give anyone the legal right to terminate your contract without any impact.

Even though a tenant might be late, the landlord has a binding agreement that can be upheld in court. 15. The lessor undertakes that the lessee and the tenant`s family own, hold and benefit from the rented premises for the duration of this rental contract under the conditions set out herein. To accept the rental conditions of the furnished apartment, the owner must prove the contents. This will clearly say what is included in the lease and what is not. A detailed presentation of each item should be appended to the lease agreement. If the lessor does not wish to renew the lease, he must inform the tenant three months before the renewal of the rent. They must also be able to justify their refusal, either because of their decision to recover or sell the property, or for legitimate and serious reasons such as the tenant`s failure to maintain any aspect of the lease. As part of the student rental agreement, the lessor is not obliged to notify his tenant. The student contract does not automatically renew and ends at the end of the rental period.

There may be an abundance of directives or promises from the treaty. Who is responsible, for example, when pipes burst? Who will be held responsible if the air conditioning no longer works? This is where the deposit takes place. A specific figure would be included in the agreement. 10. The tenant undertakes to take good care of the furniture, carpets, curtains, appliances and other household objects and personal belongings of the owner, and also accepts that at the end of the term of this lease, he will deliver them in good condition to the owner, expecting normal wear and tear. 23. In the event of a breach by the landlord of any of the lessor`s obligations or agreements, the lessee may inform the lessor ten days in advance in order to remedy the breach, indicating in writing how such agreements and agreements have been breached. If this infringement is not cured within this period of ten days or if the appropriate measures to achieve this cure are not initiated within this period of ten days and, thereafter, until the hardening of the infringement, the rent provided for in this contract is deducted in full from the date on which these ten days before the expiry of the notice period, until the lessor executes the infringement provided for in this paragraph. healed….