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The Performance Development Planning (PDP) process reduces the inefficiencies and inaccuracies of the traditional annual verification process and enables employees and managers to take a proactive approach to performance management. As a manager, you take the lead in this process, check performance, and make recommendations to help your employees customize their personal performance plans. With clear goals and a plan, staff must now define the specific metrics or milestones with which they will measure their progress throughout the quarter. Performance agreements should define clearly defined objectives and how to measure them. Document these things to avoid future discrepancies about what exactly awaits what the person needs to accomplish. But a few weeks go by, and you haven`t seen any improvement in Bill`s performance. It does not seem to be holding up and making the improvements that you talked about. Before you throw in the towel or follow a disciplinary path, what more can you do? Quantities! When setting performance expectations, the overall goal is to enter into an agreement that supports your company`s strategy. When it comes to individual performance goals, the goal is a real measurable improvement, which will allow the person to move the business forward. How you measure targets depends on the goal.

Managers should help employees strengthen their metrics and clarify their standards so they can work with confidence to achieve their goals. It offers employees (and managers) the opportunity to assess their careers and career goals to enable them to make more useful and effective contributions.