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7 For reasons of website security and to ensure that this service remains accessible to all users, this national computer system uses network traffic monitoring software to identify unauthorized tests, download or modify information or cause other damage. With the exception of authorised law enforcement authorities, no further attempts shall be made to identify individual users or their usage patterns. Raw data protocols are not used for any other purpose and are intended for regular destruction, in accordance with the National Archives and Archives General Schedule 20. Agencies subject to the DoD Directive add that all date recording activities are strictly compliant with the DoD Directive Unauthorized attempts to upload information or modify information on this service are strictly prohibited and can be used in accordance with the Computer Data Protection Act of 1987 and the National Information Infrastructure Protection Privacy Advisory. to identify users (name, title, location, etc.) to contact users (phone, etc.) and sign documents. This information should be retained even when users have become inactive in the system. No other system will be able to access this information and it will never be shared with the public. 7 70 Enter the SSAN for the desired user and click the Search button. .